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PIPS is moving!  No, we are not leaving Pelican Island or the area, but we do have a new website and we are gradually in the process of movng all of our info to the new site. But you can check it out now and let us know what you think. You will find our new webiste at -

Pelican Island Wildlife Festival 2011

Pelican Island Preservation Society Wildlife                    Festival - click here for more information 19th Annual
Pelican Island
Wildlife Festival

March 19, 2011

Thanks to everyone who wolunteered to help with the 2011 Pelican Island Wildlife Festival, and to all those who attended and helped make this year's event a great success!

We hope you enjoyed the event and are looking forward to next year - our 20th annual event. For 2012 we are going green - literally!  Next year's Pelican Island Wildlife Festival will be on Saturday, March 17, 2012 - St. Patty's Day!  We hope the luck of the Irish is a good omen for another wonderful event, and certainly some green beer!

It you are interested in helping us organize next year's event, or want more information about volunteering at the Refuge in general, please call the Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge office at 772-469-4275, click here or send us an email at the address below.

Click here or on the logo above for more information about the 2011 Pelican Island Wildlife Festival, including winners of the kayak raffle and photo contest.

Click here for information about the 2010 Pelican Island Wildlife Festival. You will find information about winners of the kayak raffle and Photo Contest.

Mission Statement

The purpose of this organization is to support and promote Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge(PINWR) and the National Wildlife Refuge System (NWRS) in their efforts to conserve habitat and wildlife.

PelicanThe Pelican Island Preservation Society, Inc. is an environmental education organization with the following goals:

  • To heighten awareness of Pelican Island and the more than 500 national wildlife refuges
  • To present six public environmental educational meetings per year
  • To promote national recognition for the natural heritage of the Sebastian area
  • To sponsor an annual event celebrating the anniversary of Pelican Island

The acronym for Pelican Island Preservation Society, PIPS, is symbolic in many ways. A pip is defined as the initial break in an eggshell by a hatchling. When a pelican is ready to hatch, its first crack is called a pip. PIPS is also symbolic of the hatchling of a new concept dating from 1903, namely, to set aside lands as habitat where wildlife may breed and thrive.

Pelican Island Preservation Society
PO Box 1903, Sebastian, Florida 32978-1903

Member: Cultural Council of Indian River County and
Sebastian River Area Chamber of Commerce


Board of Directors

Steve Massey, President
Kerry Firth, Vice President
Kristen Beck, Secretary
Walt Stieglitz, Treasurer
Tim Glover, Director - 2 yr.
Sandy Peterson - 2 yr.
Gini Prasch, Director - 1 yr.

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